06.04.2014 | Democratic Governance & Human Security | Publication

Cross-Border Flows between Nigeria and Benin: What Are the Challenges for (Human) Security?

This publication seeks to examine the concrete security challenges resulting from the cross-border exchanges between Benin and Nigeria. This border has received increased attention due to fears of a spread of Boko Haram activities towards the neighbouring countries as well as regionally operating transnational organized crime networks that are often associated with terrorist activities.

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05.04.2014 | Organized Crime | Publication

Organized Crime, Security Threats and Governance: The Sustainability of European Union Programmes in West Africa

Forms of Organized Crime in West Africa span from ALW proliferation to drug- trafficking, terrorism, and piracy This publication aims to stimulate the debate on the root causes and on actions to be taken to prevent such crimes.

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05.04.2014 | Maritime Security | Publication

Regional Approaches to Maritime Security in the Horn of Africa

This study argues that efforts to improve maritime security in the Horn of Africa region have assumed a certain pattern whereby the concerns and perspective of the developed world have tended to overshadow the agenda of the states in the region.

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05.04.2014 | Maritime Security | Publication

The African Union, the African Peace and Security Architecture, and Maritime Security

The content of African maritime security as an emerging policy field is contested. It can be located anywhere between traditional security politics (i.e. related to piracy, maritime terrorism and unregulated fishing), developmental and environmentalist concerns as well as efforts to regain economic sovereignty over African territorial and offshore waters.

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22.08.2013 | Organized Crime | Publication

FES Series on Organised Crime on Governance in West Africa

Reports by the UN Office for Drug Control (UNODC) suggest that, over the past decade, transnational criminal networks have infiltrated West African polities up to the highest circles. By means of coercion and corruption, criminal elements are realising enormous profits while gaining influence over bodies politic on both the local and national levels.

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06.05.2013 | Organized Crime | Publication

The Impact of Organised Crime on Governance

Data compiled by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) suggests that West Africa has become a major hub of Organised Crime, both in terms of volume and quality. Transnational Crime has spread into all spheres of public life through trafficking, money laundering, and tax evasion. It is undermining state structures in virtually all West African countries.

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22.04.2013 | Social Democracy | Publication

Basics on Social Democracy

Political ideologies are normally not easy to understand and to define. Too many descriptions of theories and interpretations have been published. Due to the fact that many people ask about the values and principles of Social Democracy, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung as a social democratic foundation tries to bring light into the darkness.

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22.02.2013 | Democratic Governance & Human Security | Publication

Youth, Violence and Democratisation in Northern Nigeria

The national elections in Nigeria 2011 were labelled the freest and fairest in the history of the Nigerian democracy. Every election so far had been accompanied by violence but the outbreaks in Northern Nigeria 2011 reached a new level and are a testimony to the grievances in the region and the rising tension. Especially young adults were part of the crisis.

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28.11.2012 | Mali | Publication

The African Giant and Mali

In the fourth of the series “Abuja Debates” the study “The Role of Nigeria in Regional Security Policy by Prof. Warisu Oyensina Alli was publicly presented for the first time. The ensuing discussion among experts on the panel and guests from the audience made apparent that dissenting opinions about the role of Nigeria in the region exist. That notwithstanding, it is likely that ECOWAS’ efforts in Mali will also reflect on Nigeria and her aspirations as a regional leader. So, can Nigeria be conceived of as the regional hegemon in West Africa?

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25.11.2012 | Security Policy | Publication

Role of Nigeria in Regional Security Policy

The emergence of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) has raised many hopes and expectations. Its development is at the heart of integration processes throughout the ontinent and receives considerable international assistance. Much of the attention, however, is focused on the African Union and the Regional Economic Communities.

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Gaye, Serigne-Bamba

Conflicts between farmers and herders against a backdrop of asymmetric threats in Mali and Burkina Faso

Serigne Banba Gaye. - Dakar-Fann : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Peace and Security Centre of Competence Sub-Sharan Africa, 2018<
Dakar-Fann, 2018

Download publication (300 KB, PDF-File)

Ebiede, Tarila Marclint

Instability in Nigeria's Niger delta

The post amnesty programme and sustainable peace-building
Dakar-Fann, 2018

Download publication (750 KB, PDF-File)

Bappah, Habibu Yaya

Why peace fails in Guinea Bissau?

A political economy analysis of the ECOWAS-brokered Conakry Accord
Dakar-Fann, 2018

Download publication (560 KB, PDF-File)

Konadjé, Jean-Jacques

Côte d'Ivoire, the price of positive peace

Jean-Jacques Konadjé. - Abidjan : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Côte d'Ivoire, [2018]<
Dakar-Fann, 2018

Download publication (900 KB, PDF-File)

Faye, Sylvain Landry

Faces of religious radicalization in African carceral spaces

Sylvain Landry Faye. - Dakar-Fann : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Peace and Security Centre of Competence Sub-Saharan Africa, 2017<
Dakar-Fann, 2018

Download publication (210 KB, PDF-File)

Dersso, Solomon Ayele

A political-economy analysis of AU Peace and Security Council decision-making processes

The cases of Boko Haram and Burundi
Dakar-Fann, 2018

Download publication (280 KB, PDF-File)

Beninga, Paul-Crescent; Manga Essama, Déflorne Grâce; Mogba, Jean Raymond Zephirin

Persistence of the crisis in the Central African Republic

Understanding in order to act
Dakar-Fann, 2018

Download publication (2,3 MB PDF-File)

The Boko Haram conflict in Cameroon

Why is peace so elusive?
Dakar-Fann, 2018

Download publication (8 MB PDF-File)

Sanyang, Edrissa; Camara, Sanna

The Gambia after elections

Implications for governance and security in West Africa
Dakar-Fann, 2017

Download publication (800 KB, PDF-File)

Blum, Constanze

Transnational organized crime in Southern Africa and Mozambique

Constanze Blum. - Maputo : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Mozambique, 2016<
Maputo, 2017

Download publication (2,2 MB PDF-File)

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