Saturday, 26.11.11 to Sunday, 27.11.11 - Dodowa, Ghana | Small Arms and Light Weapons | Event

Stakeholder Consultation on SALW Production in Ghana

In cooperation with the Ghana National Commission on Small Arms (GNACSA), FES commissioned a study taking stock of existing laws with regards to SALW control in Ghana as a basis for the development of a holistic national...

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Saturday, 29.10.11 - Bamako, Mali | ECOWAS | Event

Parliamentary Debate: ECOWAS Security Architecture and Central Sahara Conflict System

In collaboration with WANSED and the Malian National Assembly, FES conducted a one-day dialog in Bamako on the regional security architecture and the dynamics of the Central Sahara conflict system.

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Saturday, 22.10.11 - Lome, Togo | Small Arms and Light Weapons | Event

Expert Meeting on SALW Flow in the Ghana-Togo-Benin-Nigeria Corridor

In preparation of a research project on "Small Arms & Light Weapons (SALW) trafficking in West Africa: Illicit routes & cache of arms between Ghana, Togo, Benin & Nigeria", jointly commissioned by FES and the United Nations...

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Thursday, 06.10.11 - Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire | Small Arms and Light Weapons | Event

Validation Workshop on the draft National Bill on Small Arms and Light Weapons

In its ambition to domesticate the ECOWAS Convention on Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW), the National Commission on SALW in Cote d’Ivoire, in collaboration with FES, hosted a debate on a draft bill with key stakeholders....

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Tuesday, 28.06.11 to Tuesday, 05.07.11 - Abuja, Nigeria | ECOWAS | Event

The Get to Know the ECOWAS 2011

The "Get to Know ECOWAS Programme" 2011 was successfully held in Abuja, Nigeria with 17 participants including 15 juniors experts from ECOWAS member states and two FES Abuja Interns. This year again, the ECOWAS Commission has...

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Monday, 28.03.11 - Praia, Cape verde | Democratic Governance & Human Security | Event

WANSED Executive Committee Meeting

WANSED’s newly elected Executive Committee met for its first working session in Praia. Cape Verde, in order to establish a strategic plan as well as a work plan for 2010 – 2011.

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Sunday, 13.03.11 | Security Policy | Event

International Conference on Regional Security Policy in Africa

Effective regional cooperation for peace and security needs less focus on military intervention capacities, and more focus on capacities for political mediation and for support of democratization processes – this was one of...

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Publications & Studies

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    Who Owns the Sahara? Old Conflicts, New Menaces

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    The Role of Security Forces in the Electoral Process: The Case of the West African Countries

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    Fuelling the World – Failing the Region? Oil Governance and Development in Africa’s Gulf of Guinea

    Countries in the Gulf of...

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  • 25.06.2011 | ECOWAS | Publication

    Young Experts on the ECOWAS Security Architecture

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  • 06.06.2011 | Elections | Publication

    2nd Edition Electoral Commissions in West Africa – A Comparative Study

    In addition to identifying...

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  • 31.05.2011 | Oil Governance & Development | Publication

    Fuelling the World – Failing the Region?

    The geostrategic importance of...

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  • 20.04.2011 | Mali | Publication

    Shared Security and Peace Governance. The Malian Experience

    The security landscape in Mali...

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  • 22.02.2011 | ECOWAS | Publication

    Get to know the ECOWAS 2010

    Fostering peace, security and...

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