22.02.2011 | ECOWAS | Publication

Get to know the ECOWAS 2010

Fostering peace, security and democracy in West Africa is one of the main objectives of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). In 12 essays, young West African experts examine challenges and suggest some perspectives on the ECOWAS security architecture.

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06.04.2010 | Elections | Publication

1st Edition Electoral Commissions in West Africa – A Comparative Study

Elections are a backbone of democracy. In West Africa, however, elections are often contentious and triggers of violence. The comparative study at hand identifies similarities and differences in the set-up, roles and functioning of national electoral commissions in the 15 member states of the...

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Sanyang, Edrissa; Camara, Sanna

The Gambia after elections

Implications for governance and security in West Africa
Dakar-Fann, 2017

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Blum, Constanze

Transnational organized crime in Southern Africa and Mozambique

Maputo, 2017

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Cawthra, Gavin

Peacekeeping interventions in Africa

"war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength"
Maputo, 2016

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Onuoha, Freedom C.

A danger not to Nigeria alone

Boko Harams's transnational reach and regional responses
Abuja, 2014

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Fantaye, Demessie

Regional approaches to maritime security in the Horn of Africa

Addis, 2014

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Blum, Constanze

Cross-border flows between Nigeria and Benin

what are the challenges for (human) security?
Abuja, 2014

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Ikoh, Moses U.

Organized crime, security threats and governance: The sustainability of European Union programmes in West Africa

Abuja, 2014

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Engel, Ulf

The African Union, the African peace and security architecture, and maritime securtiy

Addis, 2014

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Borges Coelho, João Paulo

African approaches to maritime security

Southern Africa
Maputo, 2014

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Ukeje, Charles; Mvomo Ela, Wullson

African approaches to maritime security

the Gulf of Guinea
Abuja, 2013

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